Lighting Systems

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2Teck supply and install a superior range of interior and exterior LED lighting systems for use anywhere including offices, warehouses, healthcare, education and retail together with areas that have unique requirements such as laboratories, sports centres and process manufacturing.

Our in-house lighting specialists offer a full survey and design service and carry out lux calculations which are essential to establish additional illumination requirements for the size of room and the activity carried out within it. If you have an older lighting system, such as halogen or fluorescent, we can also carry out an energy efficiency report providing you with detailed cost saving information and the other benefits associated with LED lighting. For example, an organisation that has halogen only lighting could save up to 90% by upgrading to LED lighting (source EON publication March 2017). The return on investment is almost immediate.

Quality, flexibility and efficiency are the key features of our office and classroom lighting solutions. Glare-free illumination of rooms and individual workstations supports concentrated and fatigue-free work in the long run. Areas often have a frequent change of use and we can provide an optimised lighting scene for reading documents, computer screen work and other specific requirements. Appearances are important as well – pleasant light and modern luminaire designs generate positive working atmospheres.

The importance of quality lighting within the healthcare environment can not be under-estimated and our Trilux lighting systems are specifically designed for treatment and patient rooms as well as utility and functional areas.

Effective lighting in the retail environment is key to providing your customers with a pleasant shopping experience and LED lighting provides a flexible and controllable solution. We have an extensive range of aesthetically pleasing light fittings that will enhance any retail area.

If you have an external area to your building, such as a car park, garden or walk way, we can also advise on and install the most efficient outside LED lighting systems available enabling you to increase safety and security and at the same time keep your energy bills down.

Warehouses are a world of their own – large, windowless halls with high shelving constructions and relatively narrow aisles where workers need to move quickly and safely. Our lighting solutions are high-performance and durable luminaires with high levels of glare reduction, essential when sorting goods at high heights with forklift trucks. To save energy, we provide warehouse lighting solutions with integrated presence detection for areas that are only entered for short periods of time and infrequently.

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