Plumbing & Sanitary Ware

2Teck’s plumbing & heating division specialises in the design and installation of all plumbing and sanitary ware solutions for all types and sizes of organisation.

If you are thinking of installing or refurbishing a washroom we can assist you with planning the layout and recommending the most suitable sanitary ware including WC’s, basins, taps, towel rails plus everything else you may need in order to create the most practical and aesthetically pleasing area. 2Teck can also advise you on the latest government regulations that are applicable to providing disabled access to sanitary areas and can work with you to design and create the most accessible space possible. Our installation teams neatly install copper, steel and plastic supply and drainage pipework for all of this equipment and our Gas Safe engineers will ensure your gas supplies are installed and certified to the safest standards.

Our range of sensor controlled taps and WC’s are extremely hygienic and inherently reduce cross contamination in any sanitary environment. They are also ideal within high usage environments, such as public WC’s, in order to reduce maintenance visits or locations where specific health and safety considerations apply such as mental health care.

Kitchens, break out areas and tea points are now common in the workplace and generally all need hot and cold water supplies, sinks and dishwashers. We can help you with all of these including the electrical and gas installations if required. To make these areas more efficient and cleaner we can supply and install on-demand hot, cold and chilled water taps.

To keep your systems in tip top condition for years to come we provide water treatment and filtration solutions which are especially useful in hard water areas, reducing limescale build up which can ultimately affect the energy efficiency of the equipment and lead to break downs. We also provide water chlorination treatment equipment to ensure your drinking water is purified and safe. Chlorination systems are proven to be extremely effective against waterborne bacteria and viruses and we can advise on and install a treatment system that will help protect your entire water system.

If you have a requirement for a commercial utility or laundry room we can provide all the necessary gas, water, electrical and ventilation services in order to provide an efficient working space.

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