Mains Distribution

2Teck plan and install low voltage and sub-mains electrical distribution systems into any type and size of building including offices, warehouses, manufacturing plants, hospitals and educational premises. To enable individual area energy consumption to be monitored we can also install location specific metering equipment. This is especially useful in a multi-tenancy office building for billing purposes and can be split between lighting and power systems to provide an accurate record of energy used.

Our knowledgable electrical engineers design mains distribution systems that create flexibility and provide a more resilient power supply by reducing single points of failure. Our engineering teams are highly qualified and skilled and we pride ourselves in providing a total installation service including all containment and cable management systems along with electrical panel and distribution boards.

We have extensive experience installing low voltage distribution systems into large open space buildings including those where high level working is required such as warehouses, storage and manufacturing environments.

2Teck also offer 3 phase installations for heavy duty and industrial applications such as lifts, machinery, air handling and mechanical equipment.

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