Technical Washroom

Ventilation & Filtration Solution

Estee Lauder are a global skin care, makeup and fragrance manufacturer to which 2Teck provide a wide range of services including air handling solutions.

As part of the Estee Lauder development plan in their major Hampshire based manufacturing facility, 2Teck designed and installed the new air ventilation and filtration system for use in the technical washroom expansion. The new installation was completed over a phased period to allow the existing washroom to operate without interruption. The technical washroom facility is used to clean production vessels, used in various manufacturing processes, ready for use again. This entails transferring used equipment from the “dirty” side of the washroom, via industrial washing machines, to the “clean” side and it is critical that no contaminants are transferred during this process.

To enable airborne contamination from used vessels to be contained in the “dirty” side of the washroom we installed a highly efficient ventilation system with positive air pressure in the “clean” side.  The air handling unit (AHU) we specified and installed, which extracts air from the “dirty” side of the room, contains a triple filtration system which removes all contamination before heating or cooling the purified air which is delivered back into the “clean” side. 2Teck provided the complete solution for this project including all the required electrical, ducting and containment systems.

2Teck now provide a monthly maintenance service to clean the filtration system and check efficiency enabling it to run 24 hours 7 days week which is essential to the efficient manufacturing operation at Estee Lauder.