F-Gas Management

2Teck helps you comply with the latest F-Gas legal regulations.

Many refrigeration, air conditioning and heat pump systems contain hydrofluorocarbons which are a type of fluorinated greenhouse gas or “F-Gas”. Companies that operate or service and maintain equipment containing F-Gas must meet certain requirements by law and as a Refcom Elite F-Gas certified company 2Teck can provide advice and services for everything you need to comply with these ever changing regulations.

All air conditioning systems should be well maintained and regularly serviced and F-Gas regulations make this especially important if your systems contains certain types and quantities of refrigerant gas. 2Teck engineers are fully trained to install, maintain and service all types of air conditioning systems many of which are subject to F-Gas regulation.

As part of our ongoing F-Gas Management service we record the type and quantity of refrigerant in the equipment when it’s installed and any added to restore original levels as a result of remedial work, the dates and results of all mandatory leak checks and all measures taken to recover and dispose of gases when the equipment comes to the end of it’s life. We also provide you with a copy of this information to keep for the required period enabling you to make it available to government officials.

Why use 2Teck ? 

2Teck are a Refcom Elite registered company membership of which proves that, following independent third party inspection, our air conditioning business:

  • Competently installs, commissions, decommissions or maintains systems containing refrigerant
  • Is a licensed waste carrier
  • Handles refrigerants safely
  • Is compliant with all current legal requirements
  • Operates auditable procedures for the proper control of refrigerants and can account for all refrigerant used and recovered
  • Uses appropriate, purpose-designed refrigerant recovery equipment
  • Performs refrigerant transactions with minimum emissions and is environmentally aware

2Teck registration numbers : F-Gas 1011337/Refcom Elite 1000377

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