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Fire Extinguisher Servicing

Posted January 12th, 2021 in All Posts, M & E Service Division

2Teck are now proud to be offering fire extinguisher servicing as part of our service and maintenance packages. Our Health and Safety Manager Paul Gamble has recently had the small task of attending a site to service around 70 fire extinguishers!

The British standard recommends a monthly check of extinguishers which includes;
-Correct and unobstructed location of extinguisher
-If the extinguisher has been activated / discharged resulting in the anti-tamper proof pin has been disturbed
-Correct standing pressure on gauge
-Any clear and obvious damage

Annual inspection and maintenance is more thorough and must be carried out by a competent person. Should you ever be faced with a fire in the workplace it is imperative that the extinguishers are up to standard and all work correctly. If you would like 2Teck to carry out a maintenance visit, please do not hesitate to contact us.