Ventilation & Filtration

Total clean air solutions for any environment

2Teck supply, install and maintain a complete range of ventilation and filtration solutions that are both effective and energy efficient in offices, workshops and warehouses as well as specialist applications within clean rooms, IT and production environments.

As the demand for improved energy efficiency results in increasingly airtight buildings, natural ventilation proves less effective and drives the need for mechanical heat recovery ventilation systems.

Poor indoor air quality can be attributed to many problems inside a building. Excess humidity causes dampness, rot and mould, whilst pollutants are known to be a major cause of damaging health issues such as asthma and eczema. Stale air is also believed to lead to a loss in productivity and low morale. A quality ventilation system installed by 2Teck is guaranteed to provide clean fresh air increasing comfort and at the same time reducing bills by utilising energy efficient heat recovery technology.

We are experts in providing ventilation and filtration systems into clean rooms, medical rooms and areas where delicate products are manufactured. We understand the strict rules and procedures required to prevent contamination within these environments. Our systems eliminate sub-micron airborne contamination generated by people, process, facilities and equipment resulting in the purest air quality possible.

The only way to control airborne contamination is to control the total environment. Air flow rates and direction, pressurisation, temperature, humidity and specialised filtration all need to be tightly controlled. The sources of these particles also need to controlled or eliminated whenever possible. We have the skills and the specialist knowledge to provide a ventilation and filtration system for you which meets with any requirement.

Mechanical ventilation with heat recovery can help reduce overheating in office buildings and decrease both heating and cooling loads leading to more overall efficiency. The technology behind the energy efficiency of a heat recovery system lies in the construction of the core which enables exchange of heat, humidity and moisture to maintain a comfortable internal environment with minimal energy consumption. Our heat recovery systems extracts stale air from a building and then transfer the heat energy to the fresh incoming air ensuring the maximum amount of heat is retained within the building.

2Teck can design, install and maintain office heat recovery ventilation systems and bespoke turnkey filtration solutions to match your business critical processes.






2Teck supply and install a wide range of extraction systems designed to be highly effective at removing airborne contaminants from the workplace. This in turn helps you to provide a healthy environment for your employees as well as helping you to comply with Health and Safety and COSHH regulations relating to air quality.

Our extraction systems for washrooms and kitchens are specifically designed to remove odours and humidity resulting in a much more comfortable environment. Our design team will survey and recommend a complete extraction solution to ensure your building complies with the latest regulations and standards.

With more industrial applications such as workshops and laboratories removal of potentially harmful fumes is essential to maintain a safe work place. When designing a suitable system we will take into account the type and quantity of fume to be removed. We then ensure the extracted fume is treated as necessary and then vented in an environmentally friendly manner. Many dust and fume extraction systems are subject to Local Exhaust Ventilation (LEV) regulations and all equipment we install is tested to the latest standards by fully qualified engineers.

We recognise that every workplace environment is different and our pre-sales technical engineers will assess and advise on the most efficient extraction systems to meet with your requirements. Good design is key and we are trained in the latest industry innovations to ensure all systems we recommend and install provide the most effective solution available. We specialise in designing and installing extraction solutions for any environment.

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