Heating & Cooling

2Teck air conditioning systems provide the perfect heating and cooling solution for your business or home and enable you to take control of your climate to provide optimal comfort. We are experts at designing, installing and maintaining air-conditioning systems that provide extremely comfortable environments for your customers and employees.

F-Gas Compliance

Many refrigeration, air conditioning and heat pump systems contain hydrofluorocarbons which are a type of fluorinated greenhouse gas or “F-Gas”. Companies that operate or service and maintain equipment containing F-Gas must meet certain requirements by law and as an F-Gas certified company 2Teck can provide advice and services for everything you need to comply with these ever-changing regulations.

Ventilation & Filtration

As the demand for improved energy efficiency results in increasingly airtight buildings, natural ventilation proves less effective and drives the need for mechanical heat recovery ventilation systems. 2Teck can design, install and maintain office heat recovery ventilation systems and bespoke turnkey cleanroom solutions to match your business-critical processes


2Teck supply and install a wide range of extraction systems designed to be highly effective at removing airborne contaminants from the workplace. This in turn helps you to provide a healthy environment for your employees as well as helping you to comply with Health and Safety and COSHH regulations relating to air quality

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