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Astute – Bespoke M+E design & installation

Posted August 8th, 2018
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Client: Astute

Budget: 50k - £100k

We were tasked with providing a bespoke M+E design and build with all services presented on show as a feature rather than hidden above the normal suspended ceiling. Our unique design solution comprised a complete air con and ventilation solution, LED lighting and controls, small power to floor boxes and throughout partition walls, Cat6 data solution c/w a new network cabinet and an extension of the existing fire alarm system. All carried out to an incredibly tight timeframe and budget to provide a blue print that impressed the Lakeside management team into using the footprint as a sales tool for potential incoming new business.

Our Electrical division installed a complete power and lighting solution which integrated seamlessly into the bespoke modern design. A bright, energy efficient LED lighting system ensured all spaces was superbly illuminated with the lighting units installed into the suspended overhead tray work to give a contemporary look and feel. Together with electrical supplies for the welfare and breakout facilities, numerous floor boxes were installed into the concrete floor providing flexible power provision for the desk users and due to the new office layout we designed and installed a new fire alarm system for the area that was interfaced with the existing building system.

As part of this project, 2Teck Air Conditioning designed, supplied and installed additional air conditioning systems to supplement the existing landlords central system. We achieved this by installing Mitsubishi Electric single split systems, with dedicated independent controls. In addition to this and to help the client achieve his vision of an open vaulted ceiling, we also removed existing ventilation ductwork and re-installed new safe seal ductwork throughout, creating a co-ordinated symmetrical layout and resulting in more even air distribution throughout the space.

2Teck’s Communication division installed a high quality structured Cat6 network, for use by Astute’s fixed and wireless IT and telephony equipment, all cabled back to a brand new network cabinet which we also equipped with power distribution and cable management assemblies to keep everything neat and tidy. To guarantee network efficiency our engineers tested the entire Cat6 installation with the latest Fluke network test equipment and provided the customer with the results. Our quality cable installation and termination standards are fundamental to network integrity and Astute can be assured our cabling solution will provide continuous reliability for years to come.

2Teck Plumbing and Heating were required to install heating flow and return pipework to supply the 3 x Barcol air 315 box VAV units with hot water re-heats. We had to connect onto the existing LTHW distribution heating circuit and supply all new low carbon steel pipework to the VAV units. We designed the flow and return heating supply to be installed using low carbon steel as our pipework had to be on show and the stainless steel finish worked really well with all of the other services that 2Teck had installed.

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