Complete M&E Solution

Gillies Health Centre – Complete M&E Solution

Posted April 5th, 2019
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Client: DM Habens

Budget: 50k - £100k

Phase 1 of the expansion and refurbishment project begins at Gillies Health Centre, Basingstoke and all 4 of 2Teck’s divisions are working together in order to provide a complete M&E solution. The main contractor, DM Habens, awarded 2Teck this contract, comprising electrical, air-conditioning, network cabling and plumbing & heating services. This initial phase encompasses decommissioning and removal of redundant systems followed by installation of new containment systems and first fix of new services, all of which must be completed without affecting the day to day running of the main health centre in the same building. Working closely with the customer, listening to their requirements and reacting accordingly has ensured the health centre can provide a normal service to their clients.

In Phase 2 of the project, new electrical supplies and energy-efficient LED lighting, Cat6 network cabling and disabled WC alarm were installed. Our air conditioning division installed mini Mitsubishi Electric VRF air conditioning and heat recovery ventilation systems and our plumbing and heating team has connected new low temperature radiators to the existing heating system and install new HTM64 compliant clinical wash facilities into each of the consulting rooms.

All services are tested and commissioned in the final phase ready for the client to move in. The entire project was completed on budget and ahead of schedule without any disruption to the health centre’s day to day function. These new efficient systems will really make a difference to the staff and patients experience and the customer is delighted with the results.

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