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Vitacress – Communications

Posted October 4th, 2018
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Client: Vitacress

Budget: 10k - £50k

2Teck have supplied and installed the entire solution including over 350 metres of cable tray to support and protect the network cabling. Due to the naturally hot and humid environment within the greenhouses we have provided IP56 rated network cabinets with integrated fan units to keep everything ventilated. From these cabinets, new multimode fibre optic network links have been installed to connect to the existing Vitacress IT network and multiple Cat6 network outlets in waterproof enclosures have been deployed according to the wireless network survey. In addition, 2Teck have also supplied the new HP network switches and SFP fibre modules that will connect all of the newly installed cabling. All this completed and fully tested within 5 days !

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