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10 Years Of Service

Posted May 22nd, 2022 in All Posts, General

3652 days, 120 months, 10 years, 1 decade … However you measure it, it’s a huge milestone for 2Teck’s Operations Director Darren Evans!

Darren’s background lies within the HVAC industry, joining 2Teck as an Air Conditioning Engineer and then progressing his way up through the ranks to become Air Conditioning Director. Whilst undertaking this position Darren implemented a strategy which saw his division grow from strength to strength, leading a strong team of engineers, increasing business and building a greater customer satisfaction.

3 successful years later, Darren was promoted to Operations Director where he is able to to utilise his core skills and beliefs in order to oversee and support the continued growth of the company from an operations point of view.

Congratulations on an incredible 10 years at 2Teck Darren. It goes without saying that you are a highly respected member of the team and your commitment to the success of the business has been immeasurable.