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Harrods Distribution Centre – M+E Project

Posted October 26th, 2017
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Client: SSI Schaefer - Harrods

Budget: 250k - £500k

2TECK have been selected by the main contractor, SSI Schafer, as the preferred supplier for the electrical, heating and cooling, network cabling and telecoms installations in Harrods Distribution Centre new warehouse area. Each of the 4 specialised departments within 2TECK will work together in order to bring this project to a successful conclusion.

The newly installed segregated cable containment system has been designed specifically to enable unrestricted future expansion of electrical and network devices. Installed over 3 mezzanine floor levels a large part of this project involves working at height. Our engineers have all been IPAF and PASMA trained to ensure the safest of working practices.

Lighting is key to safe working, especially in a warehouse environment, and our installation ensures that all areas have excellent illumination. In addition to wall mounted power sockets we have also installed charging points for the numerous electrically powered vehicles and equipment.

A new dual redundant mains electrical supply has been installed into the area and this, accompanied with the latest APC UPS (uninterruptible power supply), ensures business continuity should either supply require maintenance.

Likewise, the latest specification OM4 fibre optic cable links have been installed using diverse routes to separate network cabinets to create a resilient data network. Part of the overall project is also to install a new Cat6 network infrastructure for use with CCTV and the wireless network picking equipment. Hellermann-Tyton is the Harrods brand of choice due to its quality and high performance. A multicore “standard” telecoms cable has also been installed between the main comms room and the new network cabinet to carry analogue telephone lines for the emergency lift phones.

Warehouses are, by nature, difficult to keep at a constant temperature. The newly installed heating and cooling system integrates with the existing infrastructure to provide suitable working temperature for all warehouse operatives.

Our 2TECK project managers attend site on a regular basis to ensure the project is to schedule and to address any potential issues before they occur. Combined with our weekly client meetings and being able to provide the entire solution, planning and decision making time for this project has been dramatically reduced.

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