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Showcasing 2Teck’s Uniform

Posted June 29th, 2021 in All Posts, General

Meet our newest engineers Ant & Teck! …. They haven’t quite qualified yet so until then they have been tasked with showcasing 2Teck’s engineer summer and winter clothing options. Hard hats off to them, they both stand proudly at HQ day in day out without any fuss!

2Teck pride ourselves with the high standard of service and quality we provide; from upholding great customer relationships, to the level of workmanship, to the presentation and appearance of each engineer. Every new starter is equipped with standard approved PPE and a wide selection of Snickers clothing consisting of; Trousers, T Shirts, Polo Tops, Sweatshirts, Gilet, Jacket and a Beanie hat, all of which is embroidered in the applicable divisional logos.

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