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Electrical & Fire Alarm Services Challenge

Posted February 1st, 2019 in General, All Posts

2Teck’s Communication and Electrical Divisions working in harmony once again. To allow this vast array of storage racking to be removed, 2Teck’s engineers were given the challenge of removing and modifying the electrical and fire alarm services supplying the area.
Our Communications engineers disconnected and removed the redundant smoke detectors, manual call points and altered the remaining fire alarm wiring to retain the ceiling mounted detection system which will provide coverage once the racking is removed. Once the changes were made the fire alarm system was retested to ensure continued protection.
The removal of the lighting systems and power provision within the racking was completed by our Electrical Division. Existing cable containment systems, wiring, sockets and light fittings have all been removed to be recycled where possible. On completion of our work the racking will be ready to be removed unhindered.