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Timber Windows – Communications

Posted April 26th, 2022
timberwindows 240w

Client: Timber Windows

Budget: 5k - £10k

The Communications division were asked to install a new CPR Compliant copper network to local PC Points, running back to a dedicated 9U Cabinet that will house the clients network hardware. All items were Excel branded, from the cable, outlets, to the cabinet and the PDU. The existing fire alarm system was adapted to suit the layout changes, which involved reconfiguration and programming of the Morley Panels as well as installation of additional Apollo protocol devices, all running on an analogue addressable system. A new WC Alarm for the ground floor toilet was installed as well as an audio only access control system to the front door, allowing the client to remotely allow visitors into the premises, as well as staff members being able to securely fob in to their building.

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