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Scienion – Electrical

Posted June 29th, 2022
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Client: Axis House

Budget: 50k - £100k

Our Electrical division installed basket containment above suspended ceilings to serve a variety of electrical services including new led lighting throughout the office and clean room area, including dedicated emergency lighting complete with local test key positions at entrance doorway. New bench trunking was added to lab areas to suite the clients needs and provide flexibility on its usage, whilst floor boxes were installed to open plan desk positions and dedicated power supplies to meeting booths and comms cabinet. All air conditioning services were fed with mechanical rated supplies terminated into rotary isolators for local isolation and maintenance purposes.

The existing mains distribution serving office was utilised and new rcbo protection was installed to each circuit. Two new mains distribution boards were designed and installed to suit the clients requirements in the clean room area.

On completion we tested and certificated the electrical installation and emergency lighting before providing as built drawings and O&M documentation to our client.

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